I'm Jesse Sprague. I believe in growth, abundance, and stewardship.

From an early age, I was drawn to the delicate balance between technology and the natural world—a fascination deeply rooted in family influences that cherished both realms. My academic journey led me to the Earth and Planetary Science program at UNM, where I delved deeply into the world of spatial technologies and the transformative potential of remote sensing applications.

With over a decade in the industry, I have navigated roles as a spatial data scientist, software engineer, and architect. Each role allowed me to decode the intricate dance between the Earth's ecosystems and the burgeoning sphere of technological advancement. Challenges posed by remote sensing data honed my expertise, positioning me at the nexus of innovation and real-world applications.

Today, I am at the helm of EchoSpectra, a pioneering venture focused on reshaping the paradigms of critical infrastructure safety management. Our mission at EchoSpectra is not just about integrating spatial data but about crafting solutions that balance asset protection with our collective responsibility towards the environment.